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Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance Published: July 10, 2017
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MDHA is the lead agency of the Continuum of Care that guides the planning and coordination of nearly $16 million in Continuum of Care Program, $2 million in Emergency Solutions Grants, and an additional $30 + million in local and private investments annually in other homeless housing and services programs.

MDHA supports the client data gathering, intake and assessment reporting to assist the community in providing a consistent assessment and evaluation of need utilizing common tools and assuring proper documentation for program eligibility.

The Coordinated Assessment System is a critical component to assuring persons are matched with resources based on their need. The Documentation and Prioritization Coordinator works directly with case managers from 38 agencies to review documentation of homelessness, disability and vulnerability to apply a priority level. The Coordinator also manages the Continuum of Care central housing priority list that is updated weekly. The Coordinator maintains critical client records in the homeless management information system (HMIS).

The Coordinator works directly as an MDHA team member with the Coordinated Access and Assessment Director and CoC Performance Analyst.

The Documentation and Prioritization Coordinator is one of the most critical links between case managers serving vulnerable homeless populations and access to supportive housing and therefore must maintain a highly cooperative and supportive customer support attitude at the same time as verifying all government required recordkeeping requirements.


  • Reviews agency requests to prioritize clients based on the Documentation of Priority Status guidelines established by the Continuum of Care, HUD definition of homelessness, chronic homelessness, and disability
  • Maintain expert knowledge of all HUD recordkeeping requirements for homelessness and at risk of homelessness definitions
  • Maintain expert knowledge on HUD Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grant program eligibility requirements
  • Maintain expert knowledge of documentation of disability
  • Maintain a high degree of integrity and diligence in assuring the security and privacy of client information
  • Update client records in HMIS with priority status and upload / attachment of documentation
  • Provide highly cooperative and informative customer service in all interactions with customer agencies and internal colleagues
  • Update and maintain at least weekly the centralized housing priority list
  • Support internal functions for the CoC Performance Analyst and the Coordinated Access and Assessment Director related to prioritization and housing priority list management
  • Manage the DOPS service requests with efficiency and organization
  • Train agency staff in the DOPS process
  • Advise senior management on all unusual requests, questionable documentation, or other verification of homeless services
  • When necessary, provide assessment and DOPS services in the field in support of street outreach and emergency shelter events

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