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Orchestra of New Spain Published: July 14, 2017


As the General Manager you will report to the Artistic Director and are responsible and accountable for all aspects of orchestra operations and artistic administration.

The General Manager will:

  • Develop, Implement and Monitor performance against artistic and production budget and recommends corrections as needed.
  • Work with the Artistic Director to develop and implement artistic plans that support the institution’s overall artistic vision.
  • Handle all aspects of artistic administration, including engagement of artists, fee and contract negotiations, rehearsal and performance schedules, commissioning, and electronic media negotiations.
  • Book and Manages relationships with the Orchestra’s multiple performance venues. Thus acting as the direct liaison with the musicians of the orchestra, collectively and individually.
  • Ensure that all compliances and negotiations are met between Orchestra and third party funders and grant affiliations.
  • Manage the Master Calendar, ensuring that all programming, ongoing funding and grant schedule information is communicated with Orchestra staff and Board.
  • Participate in organization-wide strategic planning, through grant writing, outside donor/ foundation solicitation and touring.


The ideal candidate will have experience in grant writing, non profit management, familiar with the Arts in Dallas, can work independently and maintain a positive demeanor. The candidate will have experience in fundraising and event planning. Knowledge of Mac operating systems.

Skills Preferred

Adobe Suite, Raisers Edge & Website Development


Please send resume & cover letter to gw3@newspain.org

To learn more about the Orchestra, visit www.orchestraofnewspain.org

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